We transform your
combustion plant to a biorefinery

From cogeneration to polygeneration

Combined heat and power production is a mature technology that has been developed for more than a century. Biomass-fired plants producing electrical power together with heat to industries or district heating nets, is an efficient form of energy conversion. However, due to limited heat demand the plants are often operated a part-load and increased utilization of the plants poses an opportunity for further value-creation.

The large number of established plants represents a geographically distributed technical platform that can be utilised also for production of fuels and chemicals. By tailor-made process design that utilizes infrastructure, process equipment, personnel and other assets of new or existing combustion plants, we are determined to establish a new benchmark in terms of energy- and cost efficiency.


Co-generation of bio jet in

Our report describing the benefits of integrating bio jet production with combined heat and power plants are available for reading and download here.

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Household pigs and sustainable aviation fuel

Read what BioShare’s CEO has to say about extended utilization of combined heat and power plants for biojet production in this guest blog post for Fossilfree aviation 2045.

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Research projects will help achieve a fossil-free flight      

An innovation cluster for fossil-free air transport and cogeneration-integrated aviation fuel production – these are some of the projects that will help achieve a fossil-free flight. Eleven projects can now share about 34 million SEK.

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Co-production in solid fuel boilers will be developed in
a new project

Around the country there are several hundred solid fuel boilers where heat and electricity for society and industry are produced.The PolyFlex project aims to maximize the utilization of the plants through co-production.

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High-flying plans for hot-air biofuel fuel

The Karlstad company Bioshare hopes to be able to start production of biofuel fuel made in warmland forest waste within a few years.

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