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About Us

Based on a vision to transform large scale combustion plants to biorefineries, BioShare was founded in 2017.  With an in-depth understanding of biomass, biobased industries and thermochemical conversion, we develop technologies and projects for  production of biobased fuels and chemicals. 

By tailor-made process design that utilizes infrastructure, process equipment, personnel and other assets of new or existing combustion plants, we are determined to establish a new benchmark in terms of energy- and cost efficiency


Let's share!

We believe sharing is the key to success. Co-utilization of biomass and plant assets is the cornerstone in our strategy. As excess heat  and residual streams from our novel processes can be utilized in the combustion plant,  high efficiency can be achieved with simple, robust and cost efficient process concepts.

With our  technology for co-pyrolysis or co-gasification any BFB-boiler can be retrofitted for cost efficient production of a variety of renewable products in addition to heat and power.

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